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Webfolder management

»Create Webfolder

»Create a Webfolder without Sign up

You can create it at 🔗

Home screen

🅰️If you click to upload the file, 📦 a Delivery Webfolder will be created.
If you click 🅱️🗂️, a 🗂️ Shared Webfolder will be created.

You can select Webfolder Type for each purpose.

»Create a Webfolder after Sign up /logging in

You can create it in 🔗 Dashboard.


  1. Select the type of Webfolder (🗂️ Shared Webfolder , 📦 Delivery Webfolder , 🗳️ Submission Webfolder).
  2. When you click the + button, a Webfolder is created.

»Purchase WebFolder+

»Delete WebFolder

»Send WebFolder

»Rename WebFolder