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Share files on SNS

»Have you ever experienced this?

I want to share a large file, but there is a capacity limit.

If you share it with multiple people, the download will stop due to the transmission limit.

When I need to ask someone I met on a bulletin board for a file, I feel anxious about giving them my email address.

»Try solving it with Filekiwi.

  • Filekiwi has no file size or download capacity limits.
  • Uploading files on Filekiwi is always free.
  • Filekiwi’s Webfolder can also be created and utilized as an anonymous file box. (Others can only upload files, and only I can view them)

»Share files on the bulletin board with Filekiwi

»1. Visit in your browser.

»2. Click [Select file] to upload the file.

A shareable download link will appear on your screen immediately upon upload.

»4. [Paste] in the main text of the bulletin board or SNS.

It doesn’t matter if the file is being uploaded. You can start sharing right away, and anyone who receives the link can start downloading right away.

»Receive files anonymously

»1. Sign up at .

»2. Create a web folder for collection.

Select [Webfolder] and click [Create Webfolder] to generate a link. Simply [Copy] the address.

»3. Paste it into the main text of the bulletin board or on SNS.

Please inform us of your purpose below.

“Please upload the file to this folder. This is a private folder that only I can see. ”