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Business Use Cases

At, we offer WebFolder+ for business users.

»I like this for work purposes.

  • It’s simple to use. You don’t have to ask the people you work with to Sign up, log in, install anything, or teach them anything. This really saves a lot of time.
  • You don’t have to worry about technical issues like file size. (Unlimited file size)
  • We can deliver it quickly. You can continue even if you fail halfway. (Real-time transmission, Resume download, Resume upload)
  • You can pay only for what you use for each project. (It is not a subscription service where you pay on a monthly basis even if you do not use it.)
  • Good for distributing files to many people. (Unlimited number of downloads/size)
  • Can be used for various purposes (read/write, read-only, write-only)
  • When you need to receive a large file or video from a partner company, you can easily request it. (No more hassle of explaining how to send large files to a tech-unsavvy business owner.)

»Use for business purposes

»1. Sign up/Log in

First, you need to Sign up and log in. The person you will be working with does not need to Sign up/log in.

»2. Select Webfolder type

  • 🗂️For file sharing: This is a folder where workers can upload and download. If you are sending or receiving large files via email, try using a Shared Webfolder. Upload/download waiting times disappear and real-time work becomes possible.
  • 📦For file delivery: Workers who receive a Webfolder link can only download this folder. It can be used when you need to quickly spread a file to all employees or distribute update files to customers. It is popular among those who have experienced the webpage crashing due to file overload while sharing a file on a company website, or have suffered from traffic restrictions after sharing it to the cloud.
  • 🗳️For file collection: People who receive the Webfolder link can only upload to this folder. Use it when you need to receive resumes or video portfolios from applicants. “Just say ‘Upload here’.” You don’t have to worry about exceeding your company’s email capacity, nor do you need to train those who are unfamiliar with sending large files. Only you, the creator of the Webfolder, can see the uploaded file list, making it very safe.

File deletion can only be done by the person who uploaded the file and the Webfolder owner (the member who created the folder).

»Create WebFolder+

Please select the retention period according to the nature of the project or work.

»Set WebFolder Name

The name will be displayed at the top of the WebFolder.