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Recommended specifications is basically a non-installation service that uses a web browser. While there are no policy-based technical limitations, the performance may not support the desired tasks depending on the device’s condition and the type of browser.

  • Minimum specifications

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Chrome-based browsers (such as Edge, Whale, etc.) are required. For iOS, Safari 15.0 or higher is necessary.

  • Recommended specifications

PC + Chrome browser - You can expect optimal performance. Continued upload/download is supported. Even files of around 100G can be uploaded without difficulty. Anything beyond that may be unstable depending on the specifications of your PC.

  • mobile device

Sequential uploads are not supported, and sequential downloads are partially supported. Both upload and download are significantly influenced by the device’s memory, remaining battery level, and performance.

Android - Uploading/downloading files larger than 10G is not recommended.

iOS - Uploading/downloading files over 4G is not recommended.