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Service Operating Policy

»No censorship, no searches, no monitoring.

  • All files uploaded to the server are encrypted, so the original contents cannot be viewed.
  • Since the content as well as the file name information is unknown, there is no way to predict the content.
  • We do not and cannot monitor or filter content.

»User’s obligations and’s Report process

The absence of censorship does not mean that is permitted to be used as a tool for illegal activities. Users are responsible for uploaded files, and manages them as follows.

  • Users: You are not allowed to upload materials (files and videos) that are prohibited from transmission and storage by law. If such materials are found, they can be reported.
  • As soon as we recognize that a member has uploaded an illegal file to the server, we block its distribution (download). 🔗 Report System

»We operate a ‘Report’ system. is aware of the risk of illegal content being distributed and is doing its best to block it. No distribution can occur by uploading a file to a Webfolder, but a Webfolder link can be distributed over the Internet. Since the operator has no way of determining legality, we take the following actions based on the ‘Report’ received from users who can access the ‘Webfolder’.

  • Anyone who has checked the contents of the Webfolder can notify the service operator of the existence of illegal content through the Report button next to the file name.
  • Even if the person who reported the content does not own the copyright, once a ‘Report’ is received, the content will be blocked for download as soon as the operator becomes aware of it.
  • If the legality is unclear, the person who uploaded the file (after private processing) will be notified (if they are a ‘Sign up’ member), and the reason for the ‘Report’ will be conveyed to the person who reported it.
  • The reporter could potentially be an investigative agency, and can cooperate when there is a lawful request for uploader information (such as member information).

The method to ‘Report’ is as follows.