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Service Features

This is an unlimited file transfer/sharing service that supports encryption.

»There is no limit on either file size or transfer volume.

No conditions are required for sending and sharing files.

  • File: You can upload large files at once without restrictions on size, type, or number.
  • Upload: We do not hinder ‘Sign up’, upload speed, capacity, paid billing, or viewing of advertisements.
  • Downloads: There is no limit to the number or size of downloads.

»The file is saved in the Webfolder.

Webfolder is a shared Internet file storage space and is the biggest feature of

It is much lighter than general cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and provides more diverse functions than a simple file download link.

🔗Detailed Webfolder description

»Confidentiality is guaranteed.

  • On the sending side, the file is encrypted before uploading, and on the receiving side, the received file is decrypted to its original state when saved.
  • Files saved on the server are encrypted, so even service operators cannot know their contents.
  • You are free from both search and censorship.
  • We do not run advertisements to prevent potential misuse as marketing information.
  • Confidentiality does not mean permitting illegal activities. File Keywer prevents illegal use through a Report system.

🔗Detailed Encryption Description🔗Detailed Restrictions on Illegal Use

»Uploaded files will be safely deleted.

  • In the case of the free Default Webfolder, each file uploaded here will be deleted 90 hours from the time of upload.
  • In the case of the premium WebFolder+, files will be deleted after the preset duration (7 days to one month) has passed since the folder’s creation.
  • Unused free Default Webfolder will also be automatically deleted after one month of inactivity.